October 17, 2018

End of Session Newsletter


End of Session Newsletter


Dear friends and neighbors,Now that we’ve adjourned this session of the Idaho Legislature, I want to thank you for the privilege of representing District 18. I’ve been bowled over by the energy and wisdom of our constituents; every day I receive thoughtful messages on every issue, and I have greatly enjoyed meeting so many of you at our town halls. I will be running to keep my seat this November, and I hope to have many more opportunities to work with you going forward.  Please follow these links if you’re interested in volunteering or contributing to my campaign.

You all undoubtedly are aware that Idaho is not where it should be on many measures. We are 50th in the nation on education investment, household income and percentage of kids that go to college. We are losing businesses that would provide top-paying jobs simply because those companies do not believe Idaho can supply a well-trained workforce.  Accordingly, my top priority in coming to the Legislature was to improve our schools, and that remains my top goal.  On the Education Committee, I co-sponsored legislation providing nearly $16 million in premium pay for teachers, and supported bills to provide an across-the-board raise for teachers, professional training, funding to support the effective roll-out of the Idaho Core standards, and strategic development by schools boards.  Unfortunately, too much of the Legislature’s time and energy this session was taken up by divisive legislation like the Ag-Gag and Guns on Campus laws. I hope that in the future we can focus on passing laws that improve schools, health care, air and water quality, and that build a stronger economy for all Idahoans. I am now working on draft legislation to boost our schools and our technology sector that I’d like to introduce next session if I am fortunate enough to be voted back into office, and I welcome your ideas.

Given that Democrats only comprise 19% of the Legislature, I soon realized that it would be critical to forge relationships across the aisle in order to pass productive, reasonable legislation to help Idahoans. Every week of the session I took a different Republican legislator out to lunch, and have developed quite a few friendships with majority-party legislators that have expressed eagerness to work together in the future. I also met with the PTA or PTO of nearly every school in District 18 to get a first-hand report on our schools from parents and teachers. Thank you all for taking the time to speak with me – it was extremely informative.

Finally, in case you’re curious about the views of your fellow District 18ers, you can see the results of my recent online survey in the box on the right. Thanks to those who took the time to complete this – it is so helpful to have direct voter input on the issues we’re addressing.  The survey is still posted if you want to weigh in. In a couple of months I’ll post one with new questions. 

If you wish to contact me during the legislative off-season, you may reach me through my website or by email at ilana@rubelforidaho.com, or leave me a message at (208) 332-1034.  I also post more frequent updates on Facebook, so come “Like” my page.

Warm regards,

Representative Ilana Rubel

Idaho House of Representatives – District 18A

Representative Ilana Rubel

Survey Results

Do you support the “Guns on Campus” bill (SB 1254) requiring that concealed firearms be allowed on college campuses?  

88% No; 11% Yes; 1% Not sure

Do you support the “Ag-gag” bill (SB 1337) to criminalize the unauthorized videotaping and publicizing of animal abuse at agricultural operations?88% No; 8% Yes; 4% Not sure

Do you support increasing pay for our public school teachers?  

89% Yes; 6% No; 5% Not sure

Do you support a public pre-kindergarten option?

76% Yes; 17% No; 7% Not sure

Do you support implementation of Idaho Core standards in our public schools?

52% Yes; 16% No; 32% Not sure

Do you support banning discrimination against individuals in employment and housing on the basis of their sexual orientation?

81% Yes; 14% No; 5% Not sure

Do you support Medicaid expansion?  

77% Yes; 15% No; 8% Not sure

Do you support raising the minimum wage in Idaho?

84% Yes; 11%; 5% Not sure

Of those in favor of a higher minimum wage, the breakdown on preferred minimum wage level was as follows:

57% – $10.00; 20% – $9.50; 18% – $9.00; 4% – $8.50 and 1% – $8.00


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