January 19, 2019

In The News

February 7, 2018: “Medicaid Dental Bill Moves Ahead In Idaho Legislature”

  • About: A bill that would restore dental coverage to some Idaho Medicaid patients passed the House Health and Welfare Committee Tuesday. “Not only will we avert a lot of human suffering with this, but I think we’re going to save a lot of money by doing this. I think this is a win-win all around, for taxpayers and for the people affected,” says Rubel.

February 6, 2018: “Rubel keeping busy at state Legislature”

February 2, 2018: “KBOI Minority Friday Interview with Rep. Ilana Rubel” (YouTube)

January 18, 2018: “Legislation seeks to help fund hearing aids for children”

  • About: Rep. Ilana Rubel introduces legislation to require private health care insurance providers to cover pediatric hearing aids. “It seems surprising to me that if something like this happened to any other part of your body it would be covered. Why would your ears not be covered. It just seems surprising and strange and unfortunate and something I really hope we can fix,” said Representative Rubel.

2017 News

December 26, 2017: “Hindsight Tells Us Mandatory Minimum Sentences Don’t Work”

December 17, 2017: “Idaho businesses want 2016 noncompete law repealed”

September 17, 2017: “How a ‘co-op’ education could propel Idaho kids toward prosperity”

September 11, 2017: “Idaho’s noncompete law is bad news”

March 27, 2017: “Civil asset forfeiture reform wins unanimous approval in House”

March 22, 2017: “Inside Politics: On climate change we need leaders, not ostriches”

March 15, 2017: “No Public Hearing on Climate Change? State Rep. Has One Anyway”

March 15, 2017: “Big crowd turns out for informational hearing on climate change”

February 10, 2017: “Do not be conned by the ‘Con-Con’ method of amending our Constitution”

2016 News

January 27, 2016: “Focus needed on women, families in Idaho”

2015 News

March 5, 2015: “House backs measure to keep states from requiring GMO labeling”

March 2015: Rep. Ilana Rubel debates HJM4 (YouTube – 3 minutes)

January 28, 2015: “AG’s Opinion Re: Add The Words”

January 2015: Rep. Ilana Rubel testifies for “Add The Words” campaign (YouTube – 22 minutes)

2014 News

March 2014: Rep. Ilana Rubel debates against “Guns On Campus” bill (YouTube – 13 minutes)

March 2014: Rep. Ilana Rubel leads opposition against “Ag Gag” bill (YouTube – 9 minutes)

March 2014: Rep. Ilana Rubel opposes bill to fund wolf killing (YouTube – 4 minutes)

February 26, 2014: Boise Weekly -article noting Rep. Ilana Rubel’s opposition to the “Ag Gag” bill

February 26, 2014: Idaho Statesman – Rep. Ilana Rubel’s opposition to the “Ag Gag” bill

February 21, 2014: The Wildlife News – article regarding “Wolf Control Board”

February 17, 2014: Spokesman Review – article regarding “Wolf Control Board”

January 22, 2014: Boise Weekly – profile on Rep. Ilana Rubel

January 16, 2014: Idaho Education News – profile on Rep. Ilana Rubel

January 8, 2014: Idaho Statesman – article regarding the appointment of Rep. Ilana Rubel